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zaterdag 2 juli 2011

ARTESANO: A trustworthy follower!

It should be noted that the pictures here above a partly
taken from the Artesano importer in Germany: "Meyer
Music". I had close contact with them for a while and
they have met Juan Orozco around 2000 in person.

They are working on an english version but under "Geschichte"
the history of the Juan Orozco company already can be found.

It should be noted that the Meyer music company makes a registration
of all the original Juan Orozco guitar owners that implies the by then
used factory name Aranjuez as well. Examples of the labels can be
found on their site once you have clicked on the head "Produkt

A lot of information can be found in the following
This part is only in French.

About the Aranjuez Strings:

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