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zaterdag 2 juli 2011

Pictures of Juan Orozco (source: Artesano)

Family picture taken in Granada. On the right
the sister of Juan Orozco can be seen: Amalia.
The adults are his parents.

Juan Orozco busy in his atelier in New York.

Juan Orozco in his workshop with Erundi vom Duo Los Indios Tabajaras

New York City, April 1979 on a reception for Andrés Segovia.
v.l.n.r: Victoria de los Ángeles, Andrés Segovia, Juan Orozco
and his wife Reneé Orozco.

At the same reception with the artist Salvador Dali together
with Juan Orozco and his wife Renee Orozco. Taken
back in april 1979 taken at a reception for Andres Segovia.

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