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vrijdag 7 december 2012

Juan Orozco senior

It is great to get all kinds of mails from all over the world.
Some are unveiling new discoveries regarding the Orozco story
as Juan Orozco senior who was a good luthier as well also was
a business man who had his guitars factory produced in 
South America. Alass, I can't say that much about the tonal
qualities of these instruments but I will come up with some pics
of these guitars model 33 and 66 made in Montevideo, Urugay.

This a shot from the model 33 made in 1971. A fairly simple
instrument with a mahogany soundbox. I'm nor sure wether if
this instrument has a solid top.

And another shot of its' label. By clicking on the picture
 you are able to enlarge it.

The guitar as a whole: Painted bridge and in fact mediocre 
fretwork about the same as most of the Japanese did in the 
beginning of the seventies and at the end of the sixties. 

The mahogany back that looks straight forward with
no purflings or whatsoever.

Presented here is the model 66 coming from E-bay.
This guitar allready is another story with apparently nice woods.
On the other hand the fretwork could have been done better!

The carved head the way the DiGiorgi guitars were done at that
time. And probably even ebony used for the fingerboard (???)
Many thanks to Paul Harned who made this part of the story possible

This picture makes it even more interesting as these woods 
used could be Brasilian rosewood. Nice, nice, nice....

The label and for the forcers under us, indeed: A fingerboard crack
though that won't affect the tone of an instrument that much.
Maybe the new owner will have contact with me in the near future.
I will keep everyone informed! 

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