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zondag 5 mei 2013

Pricelist / Numbering system

Prijslijst april 1982: 
van Wouw B.V.
Molenpad 13 – 17  Amsterdam C tel: 020 – 235153

JUAN OROZCO Luthier Gitaren

Model no. 54  :  Momenteel niet leverbaar

Model no. 56  :  Concertgitaar van Luzon-palissander, 
                                massief fichten bovenblad                       fl.  1135,-

Model no. 58  :  Uitgezocht massief fichten bovenblad.  
                               Massief Luzon palissander klankkast.  
                               Dubbele biezen aan achterblad.             fl.  1335,-

Model no. 8    :  Klankkast van Rio palissander, 
                               mahonie hals en fijnnervig massief       
                               fichten bovenblad.                                      fl.  2245,-                                                                                                                         

Model no. 10  :  Solisten instrument van geselecteerd 
                                Rio palissander, fijnnervig massief
                                bovenblad, mahonie hals met ebben
                                toets, in etui                                                 fl.  2665,-

Model no. 15  :  Speciaal solisten model van uitgezocht 
                                Jacaranda palissander. Prachtig massief
                                fichten bovenblad, hals van overjarig
                                mahonie met dubbele ebben biesscheiding,
                                voortreffelijk instrument.                         fl.  3835,-

At first we can make some comparisons between the entry 
(intermediate) level guitars and the models 8, 10 and 15.
Around 1982 the Dollar / Dutch Florin or Guilder was 100 / 220.
At the moment the Euro was introduced 100 Euros was 220 Dutch
Guilders. But it is allways difficult to make a reliable calculation.
A lot of people are comparing guitars of the seventies and eighties
with those of the present days.
Machinery took over a lot of time consuming steps in the production
process and surely something is happening when an instrument ages.

An interesting comparison pricewise however can be made between 
the guitars listed here above and the Jose Ramirez clase 1A guitars
that were listed at around fl. 6000,- at that time.

Model no. 54  :  Not available

Model no. 56  :  Concertguitar made from Luzon-rosewood, 
                                solid spruce top                                            fl.  1135,-

Model no. 58  :  Selected solid spruce top. Solid Luzon 
                                rosewood back and   sides. 
                                Double lined back.                                      fl.  1335,-

Model no. 8    :  Back and side of Rio rosewood, 
                               mahogany neck and fine grained
                               solid  top. (To my believe indian 
                               rosewood  has been used)                           fl.  2245,-                              

Model no. 10  :  Concert instrument from selected Rio 
                               rosewood, fine grained solid top,
                               mahogany neck with ebony fingerboard,
                               in case (As far as I can make my conclusions:
                               Indian rosewood)                                         fl.  2665,-

Model no. 15  :  Concert model of the highest quality: 
                               Jacaranda rosewood. Top quality spruce
                               top, neck made from aged mahogany
                               with a double ebony neck inlay.
                               ( First grade instrument)                            fl.  3835,-

Remember, not all the remarks made by this Dutch importer I can confirm. 
However, I tried to make the translation as close as possible to the original.
At that time fl. 2,20 was about 1 USD.

Lately Brian Graham came up with an earlier label and  an up until now
unknown model nr. 5! Probably made before the collaboration between
Juan Orozco, Mr. Kohno and the TAMA plant. It is a decently built
instrument but in quality not comparable with the model 8, 10 and 15.
I think it to be from the first half of the seventies. At that time the Japanese
had some problems with a good finishing of the outer end fretwork.
A mahogany bodied guitar with a veneered soundboard to my opinion.
Anyhow the label has that nice "older" appearance.


As the later Ibanez Artwood 1 series and before that the Tama batch
of guitars do carry a similar numbering I will explain the numbering
system though I'm sure it doesn't count for all TAMA guitars. But
you can rely on it after about 1975 / 76. And at least the 8 digit ones
follow this system to my believe. The Juan Orozco guitars, being made
in the Tama factory apparently follow the same system.


8                        03             24        104
last digit            Month     Day     104th instrument  
of the year        made that month 

This "example"  guitar was made in 1978 in March on the 24th
day of that month and is was the 104th instrument that month.

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