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donderdag 28 augustus 2008


Dear Mr. Noud Koevoets,

In reply to your email.

I'm a guitar maker, I get it from my father and grandfather. From 1969 to 1983 I did a lot's of business with the Japanese and put in a lot of work and time in the Japanese factory side by side with Matzuoka, Tamura, Yairi, Takamine,and Hoshino Gakkiten. I also help them design the guitar that has my name .The Kohno - Sakuray guitar we used to fabricate in a small shop in the company of Hoshino Gakki ten.

These company produced the acustic and electrical guitars on the name Ibanez and the main business is TAMA DRUMS. After we negotiated he decided it to produced the guitar Juan Orozco, in the same shop.This company used to make 175 Guitars a month, witch 100 of them were coming to Juan Orozco ,40 of them with the name of Kohno and 35 with the name Sakuray and just so you know they are the same Guitars, The only thing is that in the last years that we did this together,I've accomplish that they put my head design on the Guitars that would come with my name. Here you'll find 3 pages with the pictures of my Guitars. The model's we've design for me are the model # 8 - # 10 - # 15. One thing that you said that I thing is thru about the Ramirez guitar,because you're not the only one that say's that, I have many, many latter's with the same opinion you have about the Juan Orozco Guitars.
I've moved my company to Puerto Rico 10 years ago, to expand my business in the Aranjuez Guitar String's and the hard shell classical guitar cases,and very soon start to fabricated the same guitar that you now have in your hands.

Thank you very much you really don't know how much this means to me.I hope I've answer all your questions and if is any thing else, I'll be more than happy to help.

Have a great day.

Juan Orozco.
From Juan Orozco I.TO.DO. Inc.

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